Aeronautica Militare launches a new capsule collection dedicated to female pilots.

Capsule woman - BORN TO FLY Aeronautica Militare

"We want to celebrate the female Air Force pilots. Flying has been their dream since childhood. Step by step they passed all the necessary exams for flight qualification and to enter the Air Force. From the Air Force Academy to the military pilot's license, they arrive with impeccable preparation. Using passion, discipline, and sacrifice to make their dreams come true. They are exceptions in a predominantly male world in which they fit perfectly."

This opens a new chapter that is dedicated to female pilots by showcasing a collection that pays tribute to the courage, determination, willpower and resolve of all women who are ready to overcome adversity to make their dreams a reality.


The new line of t-shirts conceived by the Cristiano di Thiene stylists come to life from a historical event that marked an ideological and legislative milestone. This progress is the result of a long journey that culminated with the approval of law no. 380 in the year 1999, which for the first time made voluntary female recruitment possible.The affirmation of law 380 was a turning point in the system of equal opportunities and equality between men and women.


Twenty years later, there are 18 thousand female staff members of the Italian Air Force engaged in the most varied of operational, decision-making and organizational roles. A present that is the result of a past of progress and change, the sign of a time that leaves gender difference behind to broaden its horizons both on the base and in-flight. The result is a more complete Air Force enriched with added value and a different yet indispensable point of view.


In memory of their significant achievements, Aeronautica Militare dedicates a tribute to equality and progress by celebrating the female pilots of the Air Force through three commemorative t-shirts. “LaChiara”, “Milady” and “Magda” are the three iconic protagonists of the new capsule collection. Three real women, three stories, three examples of perseverance, courage and love.Crafted from a light and fine cotton yarn, these t-shirts are finished with elaborate prints that tell the story of those who, day after day, fly to get higher and higher. Above differences, above injustices and above all kinds of discrimination because, after all, whether they are women or men, whether their names are known to us or not, they all fly in the same sky.